Christ For Your City June Update

Summer has certainly arrived here in southwestern Ontario! We’ve been experiencing a heat wave for three days.

As I write about the natural weather here, I’m reminded of a BBC news story posted from Thailand. The headline read: “Fish Raining Down in Thailand”.  Two months ago the same phenomenon took place in Sri Lanka. My point in sharing these oddities is to remind us that many such things happen that are most certainly not ordinary to “our present cultural experience”. Our knowledge or understanding of them doesn’t make or break them from being a sign or a wonder.

Fall 2013 City Watch

Let me share a few photo experiences of Israel with you!

The Lord opened new doors to walk through and He released ancient keys to begin unlocking dreams and visions carried within many of us, even as a pregnant woman awaiting the time of delivery. In the midst of such “waiting”, few things can console or soothe the soul as worship. As it happened, those on this prophetic prayer journey to declare the Lord’s midnight cry of awakening to the Bride of Christ globally found ourselves in the old City of Jerusalem spontaneously beginning to worship in the Spirit.