Fall 2013 City Watch

Let me share a few photo experiences of Israel with you!

The Lord opened new doors to walk through and He released ancient keys to begin unlocking dreams and visions carried within many of us, even as a pregnant woman awaiting the time of delivery. In the midst of such “waiting”, few things can console or soothe the soul as worship. As it happened, those on this prophetic prayer journey to declare the Lord’s midnight cry of awakening to the Bride of Christ globally found ourselves in the old City of Jerusalem spontaneously beginning to worship in the Spirit.

      Overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord, we set our gaze upon Him! Physically we were on the street, near a statue depicting King David worshipping the Lord while playing the harp. It was a special moment. In all likelihood it was a kairos moment. Our voices reverberated off the Jerusalem limestone walls pictured here. All at once a long blast from a shofar came from within one of the buildings adjacent to where we stood. Then a clashing of cymbals echoed into the street where we were. Moments later a man, a Jewish man emerged to play his timpani.
      Our spontaneous worship lasted for some two hours, with no particular person specifically or assigned to lead, yet everyone worshipping the Lord God Almighty. Members of our team spoke with the rabbi who blew the shofar from behind the walls of his home and with the musician who joined us in the street. The question was posed: “why did you join us?” The response was both telling and o v e r w h e l m i n g . “We knew God was in our midst!” Kingdom keys were active and in operation as we worshipped. The two young men pictured above, came onto the roof overlooking the street where we were. Mesmerized by God’s presence, they lingered observing this unusual phenomenon of spirit led worship. In the heat of the mid afternoon, two hours passed as if only moments. We had been going to a specific site where we sensed to pray. In the midst of a prophetic prayer assignment, God came... quite suddenly. It was magnificent. It was most certainly unplanned. It was unexpected. It was God at work in spite of us! On another day, we spent time in prayer at the Western Wall. While there, the diversity of these four men and their lives spoke deeply into my spirit. The differences of our lives should never hinder us from standing shoulder to shoulder with one another seeking the face of God. 
        The spot where I stood to take this picture of the Dome of the Rock is considered by many historians to be directly over the Holy of Holies of Solomon’s Temple. We gathered at this embattled site to call out to the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for His divine and eternal purposes to be fulfilled, calling the nations to salvation in Jesus Christ. We were quickly ushered from this very place as protests erupted just to the East of where we were. The next few moments became quite interesting. In leaving what is known as a flashpoint site between Muslims and Jews, we found ourselves moving directly into a small, yet intense skirmish. Our group of 110 made it’s way through a dimly lit alleyway in the Arab quarter of the old city between protesting Arabs and Jews. For a few moments we were experienced the tensions of day-to-day life in Israel firsthand. No longer viewing such situations through the lens of a television reporter’s camera, we saw, felt and smelled the intensity of that moment. The police kept the two groups separated as we “tourists” wound our way from one side of the dispute to the other. However, something went wrong. A handful of us had stayed closer to the rear of the group ensuring everyone made it through safely. Now we saw, felt and tasted something very different. We were in the midst of a volley of tear gas! Bent over gasping for fresh breath, a foul taste in our mouth and eyes tearing; we were caught by surprise! Evidently, Father God was instructing us of His ways. Yes, the situation was unfortunate for the comfort of our bodies. However, I now know firsthand of the fear and terror associated with the struggles of life in Israel. I now personally know how to intercede when I see images of struggles anywhere in the world. It is not an issue of standing on one side or the other of an argument, but rather the privilege of standing in the gap; that place of the most basic need for God’s love to intervene. This is the life of one who is committed to following God day-by-day, yes even moment-by-moment. We lay down our lives for the will of the Father. We count our own will and lives as nothing in comparison to the glory of God being revealed in real life situations. These are but a few of my stories of following in Jesus when in Israel this past September. 
    Next year we will be a part of calling the nations to awaken for the coming of the Bridegroom in Jerusalem. If you are called to join such a company of believers from the nations, to witness the Father’s heart filled with joy as we gather to worship Him in Jerusalem, please contact our office: Phone: 519.679.7729 or Email: admin@cfyc.org Again, thank you for walking with us in obedience to the Father on the most amazing adventure in the world. He is preparing His family to walk and dwell together in His incredible unity, so that the world will know that He has sent Jesus Christ to release salvation to the nations. And, He has asked you and me to be a part of it! Love & Blessings, Michael D. Pierce Executive Director.

Thank you for reading!

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